They’re talking about London

február 23, 2010 § Hozzászólás

Move your chair over here, my son.
I move my chair so that I’m sitting next to him.
We’ll start with London.
London is a good place.
A great place. Much, much better than I expected. Everyone says the food is bad and that the English have terrible teeth, but I ate like a king and saw plenty of nice choppers.
I laugh.
And the accents. They’re everywhere. Wonderful British accents.
He opens the book, opens one of the photo albums. There is a picture of him at a stadium surrounded by fans in red and white jerseys, with banners, hats, horns and beers.
I open to Wembley, where I saw the FA Cup final, which is sort of like the English version of the Super Bowl.
For soccer.
Yes, for soccer, though they call it football.
How was it?
Great. They’re crazy about their football. They have to keep the fans of the teams separated by big fences or they’ll attack each other. They make our fans look like poodles.
He keeps flipping through the books, opening a passage on a guide book to a corresponding photo, he starts showing me the highlights of his trip to London. He shows me his hotel, the Covent Garden, which he calls delightful. He reads me a passage about his favourite restaurant, which is the oldest fish and chips stand in the city. He talks about the London Dungeon Museum, there were fucking rats running in circles around the iron maiden, about the British National Museum, half of civilization under one big fucking roof, about the National Portrait Gallery and the Tate, my oh my they took my breath away. He talks about the weather it sucked but I didn’t mind, about the friendly disposition of the city, it’s like a cleaner, nicer version of New York.


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